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professional septic tank worker working on pumping

One of the key aspects of your plumbing system is having your septic tank pumped. At Portland Septic Pros, we realize that it isn’t the most fun thing to have to spend time your money on but, unfortunately, it is necessary if you want to keep your plumbing system active and operating. Having your system pumped regularly will also help you save a lot of money and extend the life of your system. An effective septic system is one that has been thoroughly cleaned, pumped and is flowing smoothly. We recommend having your septic system pumped every three to five years.

How You Know You Have A Full Tank

Since you are unlikely performing routine maintenance of your tank then you probably don’t know that you have a full tank that should be pumped. However, there are some signs that you can pay attention to if you are to determine whether you have a full tank.

  • A strong, foul smell of sewage is a good indicator
  • Your toilets are backing up
  • Drains are difficult to unclog
  • There is standing water in your years

If you notice any of these things occurring then we recommend that you give us a call.

Why Pump Your Septic Tank

Since the tank holds human waste, your septic tank must be operating properly for hygiene purposes. If you have a well-maintained tank then you won't have to worry about bad smells and it won't affect your household. A full tank will smell and can pose a threat to the safety of those in your home, from phosphorus, nitrogen, and bacteria getting into the groundwater. This adversely affects your pets, landscaping, and your family. It is also less expensive to have your septic tank pumped rather than spending money on a full sewer replacement.

Affordable Septic Tank Pumping

There are always some unexpected services that you will need if you are a homeowner. We do not want to be the ones who prevent you from receiving the help that you want and need, which is why we offer you affordable septic tank pumping. You could rely on someone else but there is no one else who is more serious about offering their customers affordable services than we are at Portland Septic Pros. We prove this by working with you, regardless of your finances. Allow us to show you what we can do to help you have your tank pumped.

Why Hire Portland Septic Pros

The best way to ensure that your septic tank is fully clean is by having it pumped. We perform a complete job of pumping your system, as we have everything that is needed to handle the job, including the right type of equipment and the right size. You won’t have to give it a second thought about who should handle the job for you once you see just how thorough our process is for pumping your septic tank. Call us today to discuss your specific pumping needs.

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