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Cleaning and Inspection

professional septic tank worker cleaning and inspecting

Some homeowners think that having the septic tank pumped is the same as having it cleaned, however, this is not true. Pumping can be done every three to five years but at Portland Septic Pros, we recommend having your tank cleaned several times per year. Any time you use the water in your home, whether it is washing dishes or taking a shower, everything flows through your pipes and goes directly to the septic tank (if this is where your wastewater goes). If the tank isn’t cleaned then it will eventually back up and this is the last thing that you would like to happen.

Efficient Inspection of Your System

Inspecting your septic system from time to time is a great idea because it lets us know if there is a problem with your system and if it needs repairing or replacing. When you know this then it is easy for you to receive the efficient services that you want and need from our technicians. If you have never had your septic tank cleaned, it may be time to do so. However, if you have just moved into a new home and don’t know when they last had the tank cleaned, then an inspection will let us know all that we need to know.

A Septic Inspection

Inspecting a septic tank requires a variety of steps. We administer several standard tests to determine the strength of the tank and clean the line, and also the distribution box. If there is the smallest issue with any of these components it could eventually lead to more significant problems in the future. We suggest that you have an inspection of your septic system made annually. Twice a year surely wouldn’t hurt anything. It just keeps things flowing smoothly.

Efficient Septic Tank Cleaning

To provide our customers with the most efficient septic tank cleaning services possible, we have decided that we would only work with the most experienced technicians. This means that they have already received all the training that they need to effectively handle the job. We don’t have to stand over their shoulders to make sure that we are doing what we are supposed to do because we always offer our customers the most efficient cleaning services possible. With our efficient tank cleaning services, we can help you avoid costly repairs to your septic tank or sewer system.

Hiring Qualified Professionals

If you pay to have work done then make sure that the work is done by someone with the proven qualifications and skills needed, such as those you’ll find at Portland Septic Pros. We have assembled the most qualified team of professional technicians in Portland to help with your septic tank cleaning and inspections. Regardless of the extent of your service needs, you can always rely on our technicians to produce the most thorough job possible. They pay close attention to the work that has to be done, which is why they can provide you with the most efficient services.

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